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Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts vs. OEM: How to Choose?

Bike owners have the option of taking their vehicle to a dealer’s auto shop or an independent shop when it comes to replacing or repairing motorbike parts.

Many motorcycle owners prefer to work on their machines in the privacy of their own garages.

Where you take your bike for repairs is mostly determined by the sort of part you require.

Generally, OEM components are available if you take your motorbike to a dealership for repairs.

You will almost certainly receive aftermarket motorcycle components if you take your bike to an independent shop.

The purpose of this post is to discuss the differences between the aftermarket motorcycle parts and OEM to ensure you can make a smart decision.

Read on to find out more.


What are OEM Parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer is the abbreviation for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.”

They are genuine parts made by official companies like Honda, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, and other motorcycle manufacturers. OEM motorbike parts are thus brand new and genuine.

OEM components are usually made in-house, at the same facilities where your bike was made.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, frequently subcontract the production of original equipment parts for their motorcycles to other big manufacturing companies.

They’re still regarded as “original equipment” if they came on your bike from the factory, even if they were manufactured by someone else.


Benefits of OEM Parts

Following are some of the major benefits of getting OEM motorcycle spare parts:

a. Warranty

Some consumers are prepared to spend the extra cost for EM components since they usually come with a warranty.

OEM manufacturers stand behind their products and labour, and they promise that if a part fails during the warranty term, you may contact customer service and get it replaced or repaired.

However, just like a vehicle warranty that only covers you if you use OEM components, using a non-OEM item as a replacement part for your motorbike might void its warranty.

b. Original

Some people consider that the secret to keeping a motorbike running smoothly is to exclusively use original components.

They even feel that buying second-hand motorbike components, as long as they are OEM, is preferable.

If you like your motorbike and believe in the brand, taking it to the dealer for maintenance using OEM components might offer you peace of mind.

You don’t have to be concerned about performance or whether or not the item you’re changing will function properly.

You can expect the same level of quality since the dealership will simply replace the damaged or worn-out part with a fresh new one produced by the same manufacturer.

What Are Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts?

Aftermarket motorcycle parts are all the parts made by third-party manufacturing companies.

In other words, these components don’t come with your bike from the factory but are made to replace those parts.

Aftermarket parts are usually built to be higher-performance, more stylish, or serve a more specific purpose than the more generic parts that come from the factory, and they serve one of two purposes.

They are suitable replacements for OEM parts at an affordable rate or provide higher performance to the bike and make it more stylish.


Benefits of Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts

Following are the major advantages of aftermarket motorcycle parts:

1. Availability

One of the most obvious advantages of aftermarket motorcycle accessories parts is their accessibility. In general, aftermarket brands are easier to come by.

Many merchants sell them in their actual storefronts. You may definitely find an aftermarket component for your motorbike in any independent motorcycle store, and you can easily buy aftermarket motorcycle parts from online websites.


2. Affordability

Aftermarket motorcycle parts are much more affordable than OEM parts because they do not have the brand name.

You can find many different good-quality aftermarket motorcycle spare parts at an affordable rate. At the same time, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money on OEM parts.


3. More Variety

Manufacturers of aftermarket components don’t simply improve on the original design, but they may also create it in a variety of materials and colours.

Because the aftermarket sector has a larger variety, bike owners who personalize their cars choose aftermarket components.

For instance, Honda may only provide a particular motorcycle item in black, but an aftermarket maker may offer it in a variety of colours.


The Bottom Line

Your final choice between aftermarket motorcycle parts and OEM parts should depend on your requirements.

Generally, people now prefer aftermarket motorcycle parts due to their several benefits, such as availability, affordability and more variety.

For expert advice, feel free to get in touch with our motorcycle part specialists.


Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts vs. OEM: How to Choose