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Avoid Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle can be challenging for new riders because you are likely to make a lot of mistakes.

However, you can avoid most of these mistakes by learning some important tips to safely ride a bike. In addition, modern motorcycle spare parts also play an integral role in safe bike riding.

Keep reading this article to learn some of the most common mistakes beginners make and how you can correct them so that you do not run into any trouble while riding your bike.

1. Stalling

Stalling is a common challenge that many people face while driving a car or riding a motorcycle. You can resolve it by synchronizing the fuel flow slowly while adjusting the clutch to make sure the engine does not stop due to a lack of torque.

Different types and models of motorcycles have varying clutches and throttles, so you will have to get used to adjusting them whenever you change your bike.

2. Incorrect Gear

When you are not riding the bike, its gear should be in neutral. Whereas, when you want to move, you should start in first gear.

As you keep riding faster, you should skip to second, third, or fourth gear, especially when riding on highways. It is important that you smartly choose the gears while riding in the city and when you want to stop the bike.

Reduce the gears when you want to decrease the speed so that the engine helps you in retaining the motorcycle.

If you only use the clutch lever, then braking capacity is wasted, and too much stress is placed on the brakes. If the gear is malfunctioning, you should immediately visit a motorcycle parts and accessories shop to get it repaired.

3. Clutch Lever

A common mistake new riders make is that they think they will have better control by squeezing the clutch lever and only using the brakes.

However, it is important that both gear and clutch lever go hand-in-hand for better control. At very low speeds, you can only use the clutch to prevent the engine from stalling.

4. Speed

When you start riding for the first time, you are likely to face the issue of adjusting speed. It is important to start slowly, but at the same time, maintain a moderate speed to ensure the safety and comfort of the other people on the road.

Over time, you will get better at adjusting speed in terms of the environment and ride safely at higher speeds as well. However, always remember to respect the maximum speed limits to prevent accidents.

Moreover, you should never go too slowly on highways because other drivers or riders will be travelling at a higher speed.

You might not be comfortable with the flow of traffic, but it is important to respect the traffic situation because not travelling with the flow can be highly dangerous.

Maintaining the motorcycle racing clutch becomes even more important when you have a sports bike or you plan to use a motorcycle for daily travel. 

5. Feet and Hands

Riders should always keep their hands on the handlebar to maintain maximum control and be alert to react to any potential challenge on the road. You should also keep one or two fingers resting on the brake and clutch lever to brake immediately in case of an emergency.

Similarly, you should be using footrests to place your feet in a correct and comfortable position near the rear brake pedal and gearshift pedal. Always give importance to your overall posture because this also plays an important role in ensuring your safety while riding a bike.

Nowadays, numerous aftermarket motorcycle parts are available to adjust the bike seats and make your riding experience more comfortable and pleasant.

6. Indicators

First-time riders often do not pay attention to the indicators and forget to turn them off. This is because the new riders are often focusing on other actions that they tend to miss little things.

However, you should always remember to turn the indicator on when you are making a lane change and then turn it off. Otherwise, it can cause a lot of confusion for nearby drivers and riders.


By following the tips discussed above, you will be in a very good position to ride your bike safely.

Keep in mind that whenever you choose to get a bike, you should also pay attention to your clothing and gear to ensure you remain protected.

You also have to comply with the law related to helmets, face shields, and eye protection.

The good news is motorcycle accessories parts and gear that make riding secure, safe, and stylish are now easily available.

Avoid Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Motorcycle Riders