Since 1899, Duckhams Oil has been a stalwart in the evolution of British motoring, pioneering innovation in the lubricants industry. More than a brand, Duckhams is a commitment to excellence, placing people’s needs at the forefront. Their formulations are precision-crafted, eradicating friction to orchestrate seamless rides.

Over a century, Duckhams became synonymous with trust in garages nationwide, symbolized by its distinctive logo. It is a narrative that doesn’t dwell in the past but thrives in the present and propels itself into the future. Duckhams remains agile, adaptive, and passionately driven, not merely keeping pace but leading the charge in an ever-evolving automotive landscape.

Beyond lubrication, it is a force shaping the spirit of driving. Duckhams Oil, where history meets innovation, ensuring that the journey is as significant as the destination for every driver on British roads.

For more on Duckhams Oil’s century-long legacy of driving innovation in the lubricants industry, visit Explore the precision-crafted formulations that make Duckhams a symbol of trust in British motoring, where history meets innovation, ensuring every ride is frictionless and infused with a century’s worth of excellence.



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