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How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Brake and Clutch Levers?

Having reliable and efficient controls on your motorcycle is important to make sure you are able to ride the motorcycle safely.

There are many different adjustments that you can make to your motorcycle to achieve a better motorcycle fit according to your body shape and size.

Choosing the right kind of brake and clutch lever is one of the most important steps to ensure a smoother, safer, and comfortable. Read on to find out the important factors to consider when it comes to choosing suitable motorcycle parts and accessories. 

1. Comfort

One of the most important things while riding a motorcycle is comfort. It is extremely important that you choose the brake and clutch lever that you can use comfortably. Generally, the standard levers are quite comfortable, but they are not adjustable. 

On the other hand, you can enjoy a wide range of adjustable options with the aftermarket levers found in certain motorcycle accessories shops in Malaysia. Choose the shorter or longer levers that are suitable as per your riding preferences.


2. Quality

When you are in the process of selecting motorcycle brake and clutch levers, your first preference should always be to select high-quality aftermarket levers. It is important to ensure the high quality of the control levers because they should not crack when you are using them.

Cheap levers typically have substandard quality, and this leads to a high risk of them getting cracked and damaged. Such clutch levers are made up of low-grade aluminium that can get snapped or bent when they are pressed too hard.


3. Compatibility

Generally, most of the levers you find on the market is universal — you can use them with various types of motorcycle. Yet, it is important that you pay attention to the compatibility of the brakes and clutch levers with the motorcycle to avoid issues in the future.

Most of the brakes and clutch levers manufacturers provide details about the compatible motorcycles on their website, so you can easily obtain this information.


4. Style

There are many different motorcycle accessories in Malaysia that you can use to enhance the appeal of your motorcycle, along with making the rides safer and more comfortable. You can find the aftermarket motorcycle levers in various colours and designs.

Choose a suitable brake and clutch lever after exploring the options available in the market. 

By considering the aforementioned factors, you can choose the right type of motorcycle brake and clutch lever.

Setup Brake and Clutch Lever

Once you have selected the right kind of brake and clutch lever for your motorcycle, you should follow these two steps to set them up:

Step 1 – Consider your Riding Position

To find out your riding position, you should sit straight on the motorcycle and make a straight line with your arms so that it extends from the shoulders to your fingertips. In such a position, the levers should be directly under your fingers so that you do not have to move to reach them.

In order to adjust the levers, you will have to loosen the bolts and rotate the controls to your desired position. Ensure that the cables and hoses are free to move and both the brake and clutch lever are operating in the best condition.

You can retighten the fixings to a suitable torque for better fitting and adjustment. 

Step 2 – Set Reach

Other than adjusting the angle of the levers, it is also important to make sure you are able to reach the levers. It is possible that your bike might already have adjustable levers. In this case, you can turn the barrel adjuster to a suitable level in which it provides comfortable access to your fingers.

Most of the modern brakes and clutch levers are coming with adjustable options because more and more motorcycle parts and accessories are being introduced on a regular basis. If the clutch levers are not adjustable, you should definitely consider buying a new set of levers because they will make the ride smoother and safer for you.

Otherwise, you might have to continue facing a variety of issues related to non-adjustable brakes and clutch levers.



The bottom line is that having well-adjusted brake and clutch levers will make riding the motorcycle much easier and comfortable for you. Do not rush.

Spend some time exploring to ensure you are choosing the best type of motorcycle parts and accessories according to your style and comfortability.

For further details, feel free to get in touch with our specialists.


How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Brake and Clutch Levers?