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Motorcycle Accessories and Parts: How to Choose and Buy the Right One

There are many different reasons you might want to buy aftermarket motorcycle parts for your bike.

Whether you want motorcycle spare parts to repair your bike or just want to make some modifications to it, you are in the perfect place to learn how to choose the best motorcycle accessories parts and buy the right parts.

Different Types of Motorcycle Accessories and Parts

Choosing the right kind of motorcycle accessories parts becomes easier when you are familiar with the different types of parts available in the market.

1. Used Motorcycle Parts

As the name suggests, used motorcycle parts and accessories have been used previously. They might be components from a motorbike that no longer operates, or they could be parts that the seller no longer needs since they are updating or changing their bike with new parts.

Used motorcycle components are quite inexpensive when compared to new parts. The disadvantage is that they don’t come with a warranty, and there’s no way of knowing how well they’ll work or their durability.


2. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEMs are motorcycle accessories parts made by original manufacturers like Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha and many others.

A large number of motorcycle owners prefer OEM parts because of their quality, warranty, and maximum support. Compared to used motorcycle parts or aftermarket motorcycle parts, OEM parts do not have any major risks involved.


3. Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts

Although aftermarket motorcycle component manufacturers are not affiliated with or approved by the motorcycle brand, many of them meet, if not surpass, the original design standards.

They can keep the original idea and improve on it as third-party motorcycle component producers.

The functionality and quality of an item may be improved by an aftermarket parts supplier.

They may even produce the part in a variety of colours to give customers more options. Aftermarket components are also available in materials other than the original, such as steel, fibreglass, or titanium.

For these reasons, many motorcycle riders who want to personalize their bikes use aftermarket motorcycle parts to get a unique look.


Best Motorcycle Parts

Following are some of the motorcycle parts that you should consider to improve and enhance the overall appeal of your bike.


a. Storage

Adding additional storage to your bike is one way to improve it. As you may be aware, motorbike storage is typically limited.

You’ll need extra room for your gear and supplies if you intend to undertake any camping or long-distance travel. Even if you’re only going for a short ride, you’ll need the necessities, such as a first-aid kit and a repair kit.

Saddlebags and baggage racks are the most common alternatives. A windshield-mounted bag may also be added to carry smaller things. The good news is that when not in use, certain storage choices may be deleted.

They’re also movable, so if they hold valuables, you can remove them and bring them with you. There are lots of slim choices that will complement the design of your bike and keep it from looking or feeling overly cumbersome.


b. LED Lights

While your bike’s basic halogen lights may operate great, they are the most cost-effective alternative on the market; also, they aren’t always brilliant. If you frequently ride at night, you might consider upgrading to LED lights.

This sort of motorbike accessory increases your visibility and makes you shine out on the road, which is particularly useful at night. These lights are significantly brighter and more energy-efficient than halogen lights. LED lights also require less energy to operate.

They will, however, cost more than halogen lights, but you will save money in the long run due to the energy savings.


c. Bike Cover

A bike cover is another sort of motorbike modification that you could be interested in. This is the best option for people who plan on storing their motorcycle for a lengthy period of time. It will help you in safeguarding your financial investment.

Dust and dirt can build up and cause damage if you keep your motorcycle outside or in a garage where it is vulnerable to the weather. Always use a ventilated cover to avoid humidity from accumulating. Hence, you should always find a bike cover that perfectly fits your bike.



There are many different types of motorcycle accessories and parts to choose from. Today, bike owners have many options to customize their motorcycles according to their own style and requirements.

For any enquiries regarding motorcycle accessories and parts or bike modification, please feel free to get in touch with our specialist.


Motorcycle Accessories and Parts: How to Choose and Buy the Right One