Would you like smoother gear shifts, increased durability, and doubled transmission power for your Yamaha Y15 motorcycle?
If so, you need to get the Super Premium Hyperclutch Set with 6 Springs/5pcs Plate from SYS. Designed to enhance the clutch system and optimize performance with a longer lifespan due to its rugged durability!
Feel and experience the difference when riding your Yamaha Y15 or R15 motorcycle with the Super Premium Hyperclutch Set today!
Offered for several other motorcycle models including:

RXK, RXZ, Lagenda Z110, Y125Z, LC135 (5YP/ 2S4/ 2S4-2/ 55C), SRL115 – V1, V2, V3, SRL115 F.I, FZ150, Y15, R25

EX5, Dream, W110, W110DX, RS150

Ninja250, KLX150


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