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Which Motorbike Parts Need to Be Replaced Frequently?

If you want to enjoy riding your motorcycle for a long period of time, you should pay attention to the maintenance of your bike from the very beginning.

It is best to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition to stay ahead of the potential maintenance problems.

Maintenance is important because all parts of a motorcycle start wearing down with time. Generally, the maintenance of a motorcycle is much easier than taking care of a car. 

In this article, you will get learn about the most important motorbike parts that need to be replaced frequently to get the desired results.

1. Tyres

It is quite easy to determine when you need to replace the tyres of your motorcycle. Most modern motorcycles show the tyre wear indicator (TWI) with a triangular arrow or just the initials. Even if your bike is not showing the TWI indicator, you should consider replacing the tyres after several thousand kilometres.

Another way to determine your tyres’ health is by cupping the front tyre that occurs due to uneven wear and poor suspension setup. Therefore, you should consult a professional motorcycle spare parts supplier in Malaysia to thoroughly check the suspension before getting new tyres.

2. Battery

The battery is the power source of your motorcycle, so it has to be replaced like many other devices. Typically, a brand-new battery lasts for about two years in a bike, but it is only possible if you pay attention to the battery’s maintenance.

You can also rely on motorcycle repair experts to examine the battery and ensure all of the components are securely connected.

3. Brake Pads

Whether you are an experienced rider or have just bought a motorcycle, you should regularly check the brake pads before each ride to avoid a potential injury. If you see significant damage to the friction lining, you should get the pads replaced. 

Another sign of a worn-down brake pad includes grinding noises due to the sound produced by the metal on the back of the pad rubbing on the rotor. If you keep riding your bike in this condition, it can cause significant mechanical damage and lead to injuries. 

4. Engine Oil

Engine oil is the most important thing that needs regular replacing. You should check the bike’s manual to check the specific oil change intervals for your type and model of motorcycle.

You can contact the bike’s manufacturer to get a suitable engine oil or also get it from aftermarket motorcycle parts.

5. Chain, Belt, and Driveshaft

Motorcycle parts like the chain, belt, and driveshaft should be cleaned and maintained to ensure you are getting optimum performance from your bike. People usually tend to ignore the maintenance of the chain, but it is important to clean and lubricate the chain after riding about 400 to 500 km.

Generally, you have to replace the chain after riding for 30,000 to 40,000 km. Nevertheless, replacing the chain, belt, and driveshaft also depends on how you ride and maintain the bike. If you are facing any issue in evaluating the health of your bike’s chain, you should get help from a professional repair technician.

6. Clutch

It can be tricky to determine when you need to replace a motorcycle clutch. If you experience issues with acceleration, there is a high chance that you will need to replace the clutch.

Moreover, if you hear a metallic sound from the clutch, you should contact a motorcycle spare parts supplier in Malaysia. Maintaining the clutch in the best condition is essential to avoid accidents and potential injuries.

7. Spark Plugs

You should inspect the spark plugs for wear and tear, especially after several thousand kilometres. The overall health of the spark plugs can also indicate many other issues like worn seals and engine problems.

Typically, the motorcycle’s manual contains instructions about checking and removing the spark plugs. All you have to do is take out each spark plug one by one, examine the electrode, and clean them with a wire brush.

If the instructions are simple, you can do it yourself, or you could consider contacting an expert to get and replace motorcycle spare parts in Malaysia.

In Summary

The bottom line is that you should focus on regular inspection of your motorcycle’s parts and replace them if needed.

You can easily get a wide range of parts from aftermarket motorcycle parts in Malaysia and consult the repair technicians to replace them in your bike in an efficient and professional manner.

Which Motorbike Parts Need to Be Replaced Frequently?